Casgle Company Information

Casgle LLC is a start-up that develops devices and services that eliminate barriers to the widespread adoption of podcasting. Our patent-pending solution simplifies the management of the downloading of podcast content to portable media players. PodDeus(TM) from Casgle is the only device currently on the market that can download media content directly to a portable media player without the intervention of a computer. A feature-rich web based application is provided that helps subscribers control their daily podcast downloads in an easy and manageable way. Casgle technology makes the realization of fully personalized media stations a reality.
Casgle LLC is currently in private seed funding and is located in Silicon Valley.

Team Information

One of the most creative and productive engineering team in Silicon Valley. Our technical background includes the embedded software design, web service development, and hardware design. With the office in both Silicon Valley and China, the team is well positioned to bring the dreaming concept to true reality.


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